Eighth of Rajab:

Eighth of Rajab:


It happened on this day,,


* Year 1106 AH / February 1695 AD: The Ottomans succeed in recapturing the castle of Saqiz, located in present-day Greece, from the Venetians and Maltese who occupied it in September 1694.


* Year 1368 AH / May 1949 AD: Signing the Charter for the Establishment of the European Parliament, The parliament consists of 626 seats, The population of the European Union represents fifteen countries.


* In 1409 AH / February 1989 AD, a fatwa was issued by the religious authority Ruhollah Al-Musawi Khomeini to legalize the blood of the British writer Salman Rushdie because of his novel “The Satanic Verses”.


* Year 1416 AH / December 1995 AD Announcing the end of Operation Desert Storm, It is the war launched by the international coalition forces led by the United States of America against Iraq to force it to withdraw from Kuwait after its occupation in the early nineties of the last century.


* Year 1424 AH / September 2003 AD The Zionist occupation army besieges and assassinates Muhammad Abdul Rahim Al-Hanbali, a Palestinian military commander and the fifth engineer of the Qassam Brigades, after an armed clash with him that lasted about 14 hours.


* Year 1433 AH / May 2012 AD Announcing the result of the first round of the Egyptian presidential elections, and the result was that the candidate of the Freedom and Justice Party, Mohamed Morsi, obtained 24.78% of the votes and Ahmed Shafiq received 23.66% of the votes and qualified them to the second round of the elections.


Prepared by/a. Mohamed Hamdi Maddokh

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