A unique virtuous story

A unique virtuous story


Written by / Mohammed Ahmed Al-Rashed
The story tells us that a man said: Stop, retribution. Don’t hold your sword to set up the limit on this man..


Where are the family of the deceased? Give me a little time to manage this. Is it possible to untie this man’s neck?! He was told yes. If you pay the ransom.
He said I will pay the required amount as a ransom for this man, Although he doesn’t know its value..
Moments beyond imagination, And beyond probability. A solemn feeling. And above description words, Crossing.. It’s a fact that happened. And it’s not a story that was invented.


The owner went to the headquarters of the Emirate of Riyadh to meet a friend, They told him that he had gone to Justice Square; Without knowing anything about the event.


There he was surprised by the gathering of people, Among them is his friend, He asked him: What’s the story of these crowds, His friend said to him: A man from a brotherly Arab country killed a man and the family of the victim are asking him for a ransom and he has nothing of it, so he will execute the Sharia ruling of retribution. The honorable man went out and said: I will pay the required ransom for him.


Continue in a unique virility story

And he got up for that without knowing the name of this man, Or anything about him..
How much is ransomware? The parents said it was five hundred thousand riyals, and he said to them: Wait for me a while to get what you ask for and soon the man went to a bank near Justice Square, And with him one of the officials to ensure the truth of his statement, And the validity of his surprise but the bank was as usual in the morning crowded with customers and will be long late.
The man asked the permission of the bank manager, He informed him of the matter, and the manager disbursed the amount in cash immediately..
The honorable man carried the amount to the place of retribution, And hand it over to the family of the deceased in cash and count, A ransom for this one who had to kill.
People are amazed. Everyone is in amazement and asking is this man a relative of his. Or an employee of his. Or knows him. Or wants a need from him?!


He doesn’t know him, But it’s virility. But it is noble magnanimity, But it is the greatness of men, the people of women and helpers. People with big hearts, And great souls.


A unique situation. An event that will remain the talk of everyone who watched it. Virility beyond virility done by this man.
The people left and the matter restrained them. They walked astonished by this noble act, Who is that man with the virility that dazzled the attendees?.


Are these mirrors repeated?! Is there such a man at such times?
This man has this attitude that may rarely occur from the general public, With this spontaneity he did not speak of what he had done – but great works tell themselves on the tongues of those who saw them.

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