Where is the reconstruction in Gaza?!

Where is the reconstruction in Gaza?!


As soon as the war ended and the gun dialogue ended, the dialogue of economic pressures and the reconstruction card began.



The pressure process began early: the crossings into Gaza were almost completely closed and reconstruction materials were prevented from entering the besieged enclave.


The situation in the Gaza Strip before the Israeli attacks was not good. The Gaza Strip has been economically blockaded for more than 16 years. In addition to being subjected to three wars by Israel,
This has led to difficult economic and social conditions, Its most prominent indicators were the increase in unemployment, poverty and migration.


What are the requirements for reconstruction:


1- Carrying out an accurate technical and engineering inventory of all war damages, whether at the level of residential buildings, industrial facilities, agricultural lands and all affected aspects alike, which has already been implemented as announced by the Ministry of Public Works and Housing in Gaza.


2- Holding an international conference for reconstruction and collecting donations from countries at the official level, which has not been done until the moment under Israeli and American pressure and hatred from some Arab countries that practice normalization with the Israeli entity and revolve around it.


3- Opening the way for civil society institutions and private institutions to support the besieged sector, which puts many obstacles in front of it and is not officially allowed by Israel.


4- The process of removing the rubble of destroyed buildings and facilities.


5- Allowing the entry of the necessary raw materials, In particular building materials, Egypt is the most suitable country for this task because of easy access through the Rifaa crossing, And because Egypt is a good producer of building materials, Or what is available to them from the possibility of importing some of them and arriving quickly through the port of the Suez Canal, and passing through Sinai to Gaza.

What has been achieved nearly two months after the end of the war:


1- Completion of the technical and engineering inventory of all damages of the 2021 war.



2- Start with self-compensation from the government in Gaza for the thousands of affected people whose compensation is less than $500.



3- Start the operations of removing rubble from the targeted places and facilities, especially residential towers, and removing 20% of them, with the participation of Egyptian crews and engineering machines, Egypt worked to push dozens of them to enter the Gaza Strip immediately after the end of the war.Where Eng. Mohammed Al-Askari explained that the total that reached the Gaza Strip, of Egyptian equipment and mechanisms, Friday, amounted to about 51 mechanisms, including trucks, excavators, sweepers, tankers and cranes, pointing out that each mechanism was accompanied by an Egyptian driver, to participate in the process of removing rubble.


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According to the Ministry of Public Works and Housing, The total volume of rubble of destroyed buildings in Gaza ranges from 200,000 to 300,000 tons.


4- Issuing a link belonging to the Ministry of Works in Gaza for the inquiries of citizens registered in the 2021 war damage inventory project.


Link to examine the names of those registered in the damage survey project from



5- Some local and international associations operating in Gaza provide some compensation, part of them in the form of rent allowance and the other in the form of in-kind assistance.
For those affected and necessary needs such as water tanks for damaged housing units.

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Obstacles to the actual reconstruction of the Gaza Strip:


1- Israel’s refusal to enter various reconstruction materials except under certain conditions related to the prisoners held by Hamas since 2014.



2- Not organizing and holding a reconstruction conference and not fulfilling the countries that promised aid to Gaza except through the Palestinian Authority, which is rejected by Hamas , the government and the factions in Gaza.



3- Restrictions imposed by the Palestinian Authority on the Gaza Strip and linking reconstruction to the entry of any funds or aid from its gates.



4- The American veto on the entry of any aid to the Gaza Strip through the gate of Hamas and the Gaza government to prevent the latter from benefiting from any of this aid.



Hamas’ reaction to the refusal to bring in funds for the reconstruction of Gaza through it:


“I affirm our commitment in Hamas that we will not take a single penny that came for reconstruction in the Gaza Strip. The movement will make sure that not a penny goes to Hamas or the Qassam Brigades.”
(Yahya Sinwar)
Sinwar spoke to the international community in his first meeting with journalists in Gaza after the end of the last war. Sinwar’s remarks came in response to the US administration, which stipulated that its support for the Gaza reconstruction process be in partnership with the Palestinian Authority in Ramallah. Together with the United Nations, Egypt and the Gulf states, Washington has said it will work to ensure that reconstruction funds are transferred to Gaza while ensuring that Hamas does not benefit from the $360 million Washington has pledged for Palestinian reconstruction and development.


While Gazans eagerly await the fulfillment of the promises of reconstruction this time, Egyptian money and Palestinian companies are waiting for a clear path forward. She hopes that tractors and construction equipment will go on their way this time. And that the Israeli intransigence should not contribute, The international position on Hamas, to keep Gaza under ashes and siege as it has been since 2006.


A proposal for a reconstruction council that includes Hamas and the PA:


The leader of the Islamic Jihad movement, Khidr Habib, Tuesday 13/7/2021, announces that there is a preliminary consensus on the proposal to form a “National Reconstruction Council” consisting of “specialists” such as the Contractors Union, Chambers of Commerce and the public sector, In addition to the Palestinian Authority and Hamas.


Habib explained in one of the press statements, that the proposal is an idea that has not been started to be implemented, And that this came as a result of dialogues between the national forces, At the same time, he pointed out that this proposal was approved by a large number of Palestinian factions.


With regard to the attempts of the resistance to pressure the occupation to lift the siege, The leader of jihad affirmed, However, all tools and options remain open to force the occupation to respond to the legitimate and humanitarian demands of our people.

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It is noteworthy that on April 13, The situation in Palestine has exploded, As a result of Israeli “brutal” attacks in Jerusalem, The escalation spread to the occupied West Bank and Arab areas inside Israel. It then turned into an 11-day military confrontation in Gaza that ended on May 21.


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According to government statistics issued in Gaza, During the recent Israeli aggression, 1,447 housing units and 205 homes were completely destroyed. 13,000 housing units were damaged.

The Israeli army also destroyed dozens of government and civil offices, hundreds of agricultural facilities, and public streets, according to these statistics.


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