Beirut is our tent, our candle, and our tear “Breach, burn, and sinking of the ship

Beirut is our tent

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Between Palestine, Lebanon is a story of love, love, tears, candles and sorrows, And joys scented with the fragrance of the martyrs. Throughout history, it has gone through a long and bitter journey, Beirut, which passed on Murr, dissolved it, And on the dengue in his sentence.
And continued to give to everyone living between love, war, and tide, and islands, until the land of Lebanon was watered, And I was stained with blood, Palestinian blood mixed with Lebanese blood. to be together as spirit and body, Producers of a fragrant symphony, It has a tide, and a melody, And an ink of roses, friendliness, friendliness, affinity, cohabitation, and lineage, And the common destiny in steadfastness, vigour, defiance and resistance, They were an example to be followed in challenging the Zionist occupation gang, The capital of love, charm, and beauty has withstood The country of cedar withstood the criminal usurpers during the invasion of the “Litani”, In the invasion of Beirut in 1982.
Beirut is our tent
And the Lebanese people withstood it, and the heroic Palestinian guerrillas, And they wrote the most wonderful epics of heroism, and redemption, and sacrifice in the face of the most powerful, And the fiercest criminal military arsenal in the Middle East, because the occupation knows how strategically important it is to control Lebanon. Especially the capital Beirut, So the enemy sought by, And still seeking from afar, And works hard to control them by all means and methods, The bloody criminal explosion in Beirut comes under force majeure circumstances, and very difficult, Lebanon is torn apart by differences and conspiracies. and the aggression of enemies, and sectarian strife, and the most tragic And the pain of the hateful sectarianism, and partisan differences.
Wounded Lebanon also suffered from looting and looting by some of the great thieves who stole the money of the Lebanese people, and as Lebanon was tragic, pained and destroyed by external interventions, which came from all sides, and fueled that corruption, and its growth, and its support for the Zionist occupation, which planted in Lebanon some traitors, hired by some people, and Zionist sects, which work openly and day with all ugliness and insolence, as agents with the occupation!
Note that the crimes of the occupation gang and agents will not fall by statute of limitations, and we will not, and we have not forgotten the massacres of the enemy, from the massacre of Oyoun Qara, to the bombing of the children’s shelter in Qana, who were bombed by Israeli occupation planes!; and no one will forget the massacres committed by the Zionist gangs with the help and direct contribution of those agents!.
Beirut is our tent
The recent great explosion is like the earthquake in the port of Beirut, which had a thunderbolt effect on the Arab and Islamic nations; Lebanon beyond it is not the same as before!; We immediately see the intervention of French President Macron and his quick visit to Lebanon after the explosion, which did not come by chance; but to set new conditions and dictates for the game, all of which serve the interests of the occupation and the West; and will be dragged for direct intervention by NATO, under the pretext of imposing security, and thus taking the green light, and a mandate from the United Nations Security Council, and it is possible That “international” forces such as UNIFIL be dispatched and deployed, on an expanded basis, with the declaration of Beirut as a demilitarized city, and then the disarming of armed parties, etc.
Beirut is our tent:
Therefore, what happened is not a coincidence, especially since the Chief of Staff of the American forces visited occupied Palestine less than a month ago, and met with the Chief of Staff of the occupation gang, (the meeting of the evil devils Trump); The explosion with the presence of the destroyer American aircraft carrier in the Sea of Greece, an area not far from the place of the explosion; and that Beirut, wounded beautiful with its culture, people, beauty, vigour, and sacrifices, is sinking, today, and burned in an attempt by the enemies to sink the Arab ship with its passengers!; The important question is in whose interest is the “2700” tons of explosive ammonium nitrate kept since 2014 in the port in Beirut? Therefore, we say that the catastrophe and the earthquake that took place place the greatest responsibility on everyone’s shoulders, especially the interventions from the occupation, Iran, the Americans, France, some West, Arabs, etc. All of this violates the Arab ship, burns it, and sinks it, and the victim is the Lebanese people, the Palestinians, and the Palestinian cause, and the Arab and Islamic nation, and the winner is the occupation and the West; and as long as we are scattered, Arabs and Muslims will not exist, and they are warring parties, conflicting and far from the tolerance of religion, and as long as each party is happy with what they have, if it sinks, and the Arab ship is burned, everyone will burn, and will drown. Mercy to the martyrs, speedy recovery to the wounded, and Beirut will keep our tent and our candle.

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