Yes, bananas are radiant, Do we warn to eat it?

Yes, bananas are radiant, Do we warn to eat it?

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Bananas are one of the popular tropical fruits available in most areas with high humidity and throughout the year, It is famous for its low price and is famous for the preference of young and old to eat it as well. But is it possible that this fruit is radioactive and puts us at risk? Let’s look at more details.

That is right Radioactive banana “radioactive”

Banana fruits naturally contain the radioactive isotope of potassium-40, But in very small quantities. To be more aware of the position, we should first know what radiation is.

What is radiation?

Radiation is energy in motion transmitted through invisible waves or rays. Radiation has two sources, Natural Source: Such as cosmic rays coming from outer space and the sun or coming from the Earth’s interior from some radioactive elements such as radon and uranium; Such as nuclear reactors and X-ray machines. There are several types of radiation that vary according to its wave frequency, But whether it is high frequency or low frequency, both types are harmful when exposed to them in large quantities.

Well how much radiation is in bananas?

Bananas contain potassium-40, which is a radioactive isotope as we have mentioned, This type of radiation is very small to lead to an imminent danger to human health, as one banana contains 0.1 microsieverts (and the sivert or “Sv” is a unit for measuring the radiation dose and it gives us an insight into the extent to which radiation affects living organisms. This effect depends not only on the amount of radiation absorbed into the body, It also depends on the quality of the radiation, Such as gamma rays,X-rays, alpha rays , proton rays, neutrons) and that dose is very small.

To bring the idea closer, we will ask the following question: How many bananas when eaten will lead to death from radiation? According to paper and pen, we have to eat ten million (10,000,000) bananas at once to reach death!

We can say that you need to eat 274 bananas a day for seven years to reach a stage capable of affecting human health. This is impossible.

Just in case Should we stop eating bananas?

Of course not. There is a widespread belief among people about radiation, And it is that no matter how much you are exposed to it, even if it is small, it is dangerous and deadly! And this is definitely a common mistake. The truth that many people don’t know is that we are constantly exposed to radiation on a daily basis.

Simply because the amount of radiation from one banana is so small that it is much less than the amount of radiation you are exposed to once you are on planet Earth.

Yes, bananas are radiant, Do we warn to eat it?

And to bring the meaning closer and closer, Here are some examples of radiation that we are exposed to through our daily activities away from eating bananas:

– One Day on Earth:

We are exposed daily to 10 microsieverts on our planet, Coming from space and from the ground – this percentage is subject to change depending on the place – the equivalent of eating 100 bananas at once!

– Smoking a pack of cigarettes daily for a year:

That’s equivalent to eating 240,000 bananas! And more than all these bananas combined – and if you want another reason to quit smoking, Your smile as a smoker will be less attractive –

– CT scan:

About 10,000 μS, That’s to eat 100,000 bananas.

– Radiology in the dental clinic:

It’s equivalent to 50 bananas – and of course your dentist is unlikely to approve you eating that much banana as well – the amount is 5 microsieverts.

The rate of exposure of residents around Chernobyl before their evacuation in 1986:

About 350,000 μS, That’s 3.5 million bananas!!

– Finally, the dose that may kill you within two weeks if you are exposed to: About 100 million bananas, This equals about 10 million microsieverts.

Finally, I would like to end my speech with a famous quote by the Swiss physician and chemist “ Paracelsus” : Everything is poison and nothing is poison-free, Only the dose makes some things not poison.

So don’t let the title of this article scare you, And enjoy your banana milk shake.

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