“National” and not “legislative”

“National” and not “legislative”


D. Essam Adwan




Knowing the importance of both the Palestinian National Council and the Palestinian Legislative Council, It shows us the path we must take in our national and democratic path to reform the paralyzed Palestinian situation. We will address some of the trade-offs between the two councils through the following axes:




The mandate of the Palestinian National Council extends to all the Palestinian people wherever they are. This is an affirmation of the unity of the people and the cause, While the mandate of the Palestinian Legislative Council is limited to the Palestinian territories administered by the Palestinian Authority in the West Bank and Gaza Strip only, not exceeding 35% of the total Palestinian people, It isolates the overwhelming remnant from their effective national presence.


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The authority of the Palestinian National Council belongs to the Palestine Liberation Organization, which has been recognized by the whole world as the sole legitimate representative of the Palestinian people. Admitted to observer membership in the United Nations in 1974, which bears upon itself the establishment of the Palestinian state, As such, the PNC is the parliament of the State of Palestine, which has been a non-full member of the United Nations since 2012.


While the reference of the Palestinian Legislative Council to the Palestinian National Authority, which was established in 1994 as a result of the Oslo Accords, This makes him shackled by this and subsequent agreements. Although the world treated the Palestinian Authority as if it were the State of Palestine, However, he realizes that the PLO is the supreme authority, Therefore, the Israeli occupation concludes its agreements only with the PLO. The PLO is invited to attend Arab, Islamic and international meetings. It is represented by the President of the Organization, who is the head of the Authority, People get confused and think that the so-called is the Palestinian Authority.




The Palestinian National Council is a sovereign institution, It is the first at the level of the PLO, It elects the Chairman and members of the Executive Committee, The Chairman of the Executive Committee may not dissolve or freeze the National Assembly; Nor in emergency circumstances, If the same applies to the Legislative Council, However, the latter does not elect the President of the Authority, Which made him as if he were higher authority than the legislature, This led him to dissolve it without legal basis. This means that relying on the Legislative Council is relying on a mirage, The first is the National Council.




Based on the mandate, The powers of the Palestinian National Council shall extend to deal with everything related to the Palestinian people. For example, but not limited to, The National Council shall decide the form, size and timing of the Palestinian resistance against the Israeli occupation. It constitutes people’s unions, It can withdraw recognition of the occupying power, It supervises the work of the Palestinian National Fund, And most of all, It selects and appoints the leadership of the Palestinian people. These are some examples of the powers of the National Council that the Legislative Council does not have, In addition, it is limited to Palestinian affairs in the West Bank and Gaza Strip only.


And after:


The Palestinian National Council is higher than the legislature, We cannot fix the lower and leave the highest. The election of a new Palestinian National Council is the first urgent and obligatory step to bring the Palestinian situation out of its paralysis. And the first step on the road to the unity of the Palestinian people, and employing his great energies, Moving towards the development and implementation of a national project that reflects the wishes and aspirations of the Palestinian people, It is an election that has never happened before. While the sight of the Legislative Council is before our eyes, And it is not right to experiment with the experimenter.

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