Lecture entitled “History of Jerusalem” in the Jordanian Era

Lecture entitled “History of Jerusalem” in the Jordanian Era

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Jerusalem in the Hashemite era and the unity of the two banks:


The 1948 war resulted in the establishment of Israel on most of the land of Palestine. With the exception of Gaza, which belonged to the Egyptian side, while the West Bank, including East Jerusalem, was annexed to the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan in 1950. Under the annexation decision, Jerusalem became the first spiritual capital of the Kingdom of Jordan.


The Royal Decree was honored to upgrade its municipal council in 1959 to a secretariat similar to the capital Amman. The master plan also expanded to the international airport known as Qalandia Airport. And the establishment of the radio station and the construction of the Royal Palace in Ramallah and the unity project continued until 1988, Where the decision was issued to disengage legally and administratively with the West Bank.



  • Although Israel controlled most of the territory of Jerusalem in 1948, it hoped to control its eastern part, so a plan was developed and implemented in 1967, where it was completely seized and all Jerusalem became in the hands of Israel.

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