Igniting Resistance in the West Bank Against the Authority’s Will

Igniting Resistance in the West Bank Against the Authority’s Will


Strategic Estimation
9 April 2022


Dr. Ibrahim Habib
Professor of Regional and Strategic Studies


Did the resistance succeed in igniting resistance in the West Bank and inside the West Bank despite the authority and bypassing the repressive measures of the occupation?




Question: How did it work when the ongoing processes are individual, not organizational planning?


To implement the strategy of governance in the state, as well as the case in the resistance, one of the following two theories is followed:


1- Systematic stereotypical theory

2- Atypical theory (anarchism)


The resistance failed to ignite resistance in the West Bank,Jerusalem and the interior through the systematic stereotypical theory of organizing resistance action through a well-defined hierarchy through which resistance action is controlled.


The reason for the failure is due to the ability of the occupation to expose Palestinian organizations , arrest and liquidate their leaders, and monitor their activities significantly, which limited their ability to resist action.
Therefore, I resorted to activating resistance by applying atypical (anarchist) theory.
Which took a long breath and a double effort to make it work, and I succeeded in that.
Anarchist theory left the focus on organized resistance work and made it a popular choice for youth and the Palestinian street.

He continued to ignite the resistance in the West Bank despite the authority


This is done by investing three basic elements:


The first element:


Highlighting the strength, successes and importance of the resistance in confronting the Zionist project and highlighting the failure of other tracks through all media outlets.


Second element:


Media incitement against the occupation, investing in every Israeli measure against our people, mobilizing the Palestinian masses morally and motivating them to confront the occupation individually without organizations.


Third element:


The arbitrary security and military measures taken by the occupation and its settlers against our people, which put the Palestinian street in front of a challenge that it can only overcome through resistance and confrontation with the occupation.


Therefore, resistance in the West Bank and the occupied interior has become a popular choice that the occupation cannot curb and the occupation is more difficult.

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