Best Educational Apps for Remote Students 2023

Best Educational Apps for Remote Students 2023



The educational process changed dramatically after the Corona pandemic, Where schools and universities have turned to e-learning and distance education through the Internet, Then the educational system tended to develop many ways to keep pace with the development in the educational process, whether on the part of teachers or students, Electronic applications have emerged to manage your studies more effectively and easily.

Al Sharq Center offers you the best electronic applications for distance education…



What are the best e-learning applications:


1- Quizlet

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Quizlet is one of the best learning apps for students, It encourages students to study through a range of activities such as creating flashcards and play-based learning.
This app also helps first-year students memorize the alphabet, punctuation, and build vocabulary for older students in the classroom.



2- Duolingo

It is a free application to teach any language in an easy way, Duolingo includes “implicit learning” within its educational app. Implicit education is ideal because it does not require a person to be fully aware of the learning process. It also helps to build a strong foundation for grammar and composition.



3- Teacher tech


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He was able to apply teacher tech To overcome most of the problems facing teachers while giving online lessons to students, and also allows teachers to create public and private rooms, display photos, videos and audio recordings, and the ability to create assignments and activities and upload them with ease, in addition to the teacher’s ability to control students by sending alerts or banning specific students from chatting.



4- SoloLearn

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SoloLearn is one of the free interactive tutorials that can be used in the study for programmers of different levels, The application provides training courses in Python, Java and website development programs
It also provides a discussion board for trainees to share ideas and questions.




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NASA application of space education applications, The application helps students learn everything about space, By watching live TV from NASA, And read the latest news, Virtual tours in space, listening to podcasts on the Internet, And watch thousands of videos.



6- Photomath

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photoMath helps students solve mathematical problems and equations, By photographing the arithmetic problem or equation using the phone camera, the application will solve and answer it and also provides tips to help the student remember the answer technique.
The app is suitable for second-graders or undergraduate students because the app includes a wide range of math topics.


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7- EdX

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edx offers more than 3,500 high-quality courses to learners around the world, It is a free open platform that provides online courses by university professors and experts from organizations and universities of the highest levels such as Harvard and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, The learner can also receive a certificate at the end of the course after paying a small fee.



8- StudyBlue


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StudyBlue has a good friend on your study trip, It is not an educational application like other applications, But he’s a strong and huge assistant in the study, Allows you to study anywhere, It reduces academic stress because it enhances your skill and academic efficiency by providing 500 million learning subjects. In addition, it helps to connect with other students with ease with the study material and quizzes.



9- zAmerican English


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This application is considered one of the best applications for learning English in the American dialect, Easily and faster than usual, The program includes 4 levels for each level of multiple courses. Includes speaking, writing and reading courses, It starts by teaching students the basics of English and then prepares them for conversation and writing.



10- Zoom

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Zoom is one of the most popular programs used in the e-learning process, It falls under the list of the best distance learning programs, through which lessons, lectures, meetings and explanations are provided, And proved its effectiveness in learning during the Corona period, One of its conditions is that the student creates a personal account that contains his full name and personal picture.



11- Read Along

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Read along is one of the best educational applications for young students, It helps students from the age of 5 to practice reading, Through instant verbal and visual cues while reading the story aloud, The application initially assesses the child’s reading level to direct them to the appropriate content for different levels.



After all…



You can’t succeed without constantly learning, Challenge all crises and look for new and different ways of learning, Or communicating information through it as well, While keeping your focus, time and mind present to reach your goal, Therefore, you must take advantage of all the learning tools and electronic educational applications that save you effort and time and thus achieve a lot of achievements.

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