Name book: Hamas More Clearly between charter & document

Author Name: Issam M. A. Adwan

International Book Numbering:9789950060265ZPfBTNanAAAAAElFTkSuQmCC Hamas  More  Clearly Book

 page size: A5

The book examines the changes that occurred to the charter of the Islamic Resistance Movement “Hamas” in 1988, with the issuance of its political declaration document in 2017, titled “Principles and General Policies.”

Which redefined the movement and its objectives and vision in concern of Palestine and its main issues, such as Jerusalem .and the refugees

In addition, the charter redefined the main regional and international dimensions of the Palestinian cause and the movement’s view of Zionism and Israel, and its position on the Palestine Liberation Organization “PLO.”

The study was based on an in-depth analysis of Hamas-related documents and primary sources.

The study is concluded with significant results that signify and highlight some important variables and changes in Hamas’ moderated charter; including, but not limited to, the changes of its objectives, and the use of modern language, best found in the movement redefining itself as a liberation movement.

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