Thoughts on the future of the Jews when Palestine was liberated

Thoughts on the future of the Jews when Palestine was liberated


Dr. Essam Adwan … Within the series of the promise of the hereafter – h 4

The video reviewed the experience of Saladin in evacuating the Crusaders, And the experience of evacuating French settlers from Algeria to France, And the experience of the evacuation of the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him for the Jews of Bani Nadir and Bani Qaynaqa.


It is noticeable that more than a third of Israeli Jews hold foreign passports from their home country. They are preparing to leave Palestine and return to their countries of origin.


The Battle of the Sword of Jerusalem showed the fragility of Israeli society, This indicates that large numbers will migrate when the liberation battle begins. As the battle intensifies, large numbers of others will migrate.

Behavior towards fighters:


Conduct toward surrendering combatants must be characterized by legal justice; In accordance with international law and Islamic law. In all cases, their disposal shall not derogate from their trial or deportation.
Behavior towards civilians:


Some experts in important areas can be selected, And those whose hands are not stained with the blood of the Palestinians, To grant them the right to remain in Palestine, and deport others.

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In 1986, at the 40th session of its Council, the League of Arab States called for the opening of the door to return to Jews who had left the Arab States to Israel. And grant them full citizenship rights in it. At the 76th session, it also called on the countries of the world to absorb the Jews who left for Israel. There is no doubt that the re-introduction of this call by the Arab states at the start of the liberation battle will have significant positive effects on achieving the psychological defeat of the Jews and pushing them to seriously consider leaving Palestine in order to seize the opportunity and escape the hell of war.


A court must be formed to prosecute the criminals of the occupation of Palestine. and their Arab and Palestinian collaborators, This requires the processing of lists of wanted persons and the identification of the charges against them as of now. Calling on friendly countries to work together to obtain an international resolution criminalizing those involved in the occupation of Palestine, And the pursuit of the money of Jews fleeing Palestine.

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