The twenty-eighth of Jumada al-Akhira:

The twenty-eighth of Jumada al-Akhira:

It happened on this day,,

* Year 590 AH / June 1194 AD: The death of Imam Al-Qasim bin Firah bin Khalaf bin Ahmed, Known as Shatby, The owner of the system of “wish score and congratulations” in the seven readings, He is one of the most famous and brilliant scholars of readings.

* In 1270 AH / March 1854 AD, Britain declares war on the Russian Empire during the Crimean War.

* In 1399 AH / May 1979 AD, negotiations began between Egypt and the Zionist entity on the establishment of Palestinian autonomy in the West Bank and Gaza Strip.

* In 1416 AH / November 1995 AD the initialing of the “Dayton Peace Agreement“, under which the armed conflict in Bosnia and Herzegovina three years ago ended.

The twenty-eighth of Jumada al-Akhira:

* Year 1426 AH / August 2005 AD: Egyptian preacher Zainab al-Ghazali dies at the age of 91. She was one of the most prominent members of the “Women’s Union” founded by Hoda Shaarawy, She then founded the Muslim Ladies Association.

Then I pledged allegiance to the Muslim Brotherhood, and contributed to the revival of the community after the ordeal, She was severely persecuted in Nasser prisons. It was released with the intervention of King Faisal bin Abdulaziz.

Preparation / a. Mohamed Hamdi Maddokh

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