The return to calm in Gaza between support and opposition

The return to calm in Gaza between support and opposition

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For nearly a month, Gaza has been living in a state of sparring with the enemy with rough tools without reaching the use of military force. which is accompanied by indirect negotiations between the resistance forces in Gaza and the Zionist enemy, mediated by different and discordant regional powers, The debate ended (temporarily) today with a return to what things were before biting the fingers, With some humanitarian improvements for Gaza.



The Palestinians, as their nature, were divided between supporters and opponents of the agreement, Regardless of the affiliations that push for or against it, There is a problem resulting from the lack and scarcity of information among supporters and opponents, Both do not know what the resistance school was negotiating about.


Was the negotiation to completely break the siege on Gaza? What allows Gaza to receive remittances through the bank to be used to build its economy and strengthen its military capabilities?


Or was the goal of the negotiation to obtain freedom of import and export to and from Gaza without offering the goods to a “dual-use” manfisto? The logic is that such demands cannot be met using hydrogen balloons but with hydrogen bombs and negotiations under fire.


The resistance negotiator used the media tool during the negotiation phase. But it was limited to sending messages to the enemy only: “We have nothing to lose” “The decision of the resistance and the people to break the siege”, Indeed, this is a success in negotiating management.



But the media amplification of the demands and their ceiling gave negative internal results, compared to the results of the negotiation, The principle in this regard is that the negotiation should be accompanied by public awareness, Includes demands and includes psychological preparation to withstand the pressures accompanied by negotiation, and anticipate the results, If not creating the atmosphere for negotiations using the media tool is required before the negotiation begins in the first place.



I think that resistance using trivial tools compared to using fire, With my love and appreciation for the incendiary balloon launchers, it has achieved respectable results in causing cracks in the wall of the unjust siege on the humanitarian level. and to alleviate the burden of conditions on the shoulders of Gazans, Especially after the recent entry of the novel virus Covid-19 into Gaza, Which undoubtedly affected the negotiation process, By adding a negotiating advantage to the enemy, it made him intransigent in the face of the demands of the resistance.



The announcement of reaching the agreement through Qatari mediation adds an advantage to the “Doha-Ankara” axis and strengthens the relationship of the resistance with this strategic ally. At the expense of the Egyptian neighbor who pours into the stone of “Zayed Saud”, Especially after the recent announcement of treacherous normalization agreements, accompanied by media campaigns aimed at accepting Israelis in the region.

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