Storm leader Abu Asif

Storm leader Abu Asif

By Ayman Tayseer Dalloul

Palestinian writer and journalist


My young children flew around me watching the masses that came from the cities, villages and camps of the West Bank to have the honor of raising it on their shoulders. Loud chants and shouts rose and crowded feet of men, boys and the elderly waving flags to make a cloud over his body lying perhaps comfort him from the way did not look for a license for his old age and the large number of concerns preferred determination after he found men retreated in front of the power of the executioner of the occupier or another breathing air for our country was pure before germs stuck in it seventy years ago and still.


I read in the eyes of my children perplexing questions: Who is this man? And why are all these people crying? And where did they come from? And why your tears whenever you dry them come down hot again? Why this attention, Father?
I took pity on my children and approached them and began to tell them the story of a man from the time of heroism and redemption, A man from that time who was well aware of the thief of our country that there was a man in “Kobar” standing behind hawkish men who do not accept the desecration of the soil of Palestine.
They knew it was true Cooper, They knew that he could only be from the Barghouti family, They finally realized that he was that man Omar Barghouti “Abu Asif”, but they searched the streets and alleys of “Kober” and did not find that he had left a single imprint guiding the darkness to him.


They arrested him seventeen times, of which he spent thirteen years in solitary confinement alone, Their whips carved their grooves on his body, but did not extract from him a piece of information that an entire state “Israel” wished to write in its archives that it had once recorded a victory with the defeat of one of the majestic mountains of Palestine.


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“Abu Asef” realized that the prisoners need every effort to ease their cries and pain in the prisons of the usurping occupier, so he stood on the roundabout of the lighthouse in the center of Ramallah constantly, he was shouting at the top of his voice at passers-by on the road, “Will we tell the prisoner your price is only a sign? Couldn’t we plant a tree in your name?” As if the pillar of the tent gathered around him who killed (Israel) his father or demolished his house or deprived him of his children and their absence behind prisons, they found credibility in him and he is the man who has a martyr son and two prisoners and his brother is the oldest prisoner in the world, but he the occupation demolished his house more than once, and he and him. We would do the pen injustice if we asked him to write everything in his presence.


Abu Asif breathed his storm and the details of the story began to unfold to announce the Qassam Brigades that he was one of its founders in the West Bank and the general supervisor of many cells of the Qassam Brigades from the days of the beautiful time, Which included the cell of the two leaders Imad and Adel Awadallah, which was considered by the leaders of the occupation as one of the most dangerous cells on his ephemeral entity, He was even the direct supervisor of two operations carried out by his sons that led to the killing of the occupation soldiers andSettlers But what is remarkable about it is that he asked his son to step on the heads of the occupation soldiers, and he acted at his father’s will and in front of the occupation cameras before leaving an arrow in the heart of Netanyahu, who once thought that the West Bank had responded to the call for security coordination and cooperation.


Abu Asif breathed and did not know that his death would be another story that is no different from before death, From under the ashes woke up the genie who had faced the occupation for years. At his funeral, the throats of young people resounded with slogans that were absent from the square a lot, With his greatness, he is carried over the shoulders of men, for whom the warm embrace was whenever the world darkened in their faces.
Phrases were launched: Put the sword on top of the sword. We are the men of Mohamed Deif These words will have their aftermath, And crowds that many bet on their brokenness came as a shock to those who were prevented by their betrayal and coordination with the Zionist occupier to participate in a march in which “Cooper” opened all its doors to children and young people who dream every night that the days of glory will return, some of which were ordained by the Sheikh of Palestine Abu Asif.


God wills that his funeral will be on the eve of the Palestinian legislative elections so that these masses will confirm their orientations well and reveal their future desire in the largest public opinion poll that expresses to a level far from what is different in the chests of Palestinians oppressed by the injustice of the occupation or collaborating with it to protect it at the expense of the people of the land and the right.


Abu Asif went to where he was talking to us, But it will not make us forget his commandment that we will raise the flag of Palestine over Jerusalem and Jaffa and we will not forget Safed, which some have abdicated. Rather, our eyes are on it and we will not be able to hand it over to a brutal occupier at all costs.


Abu Asif deserves this funeral, And deserves this hospitality, This honor, But if he had returned to us, he would have shouted at the top of his voice: Were you waiting for my death so that your resurrection would take place in the streets of our occupied countries in this way? Make it a permanent resurrection and search the caves and mountains of the West Bank, and you will find weapons that I have preserved for you among the rocks of our stolen country, Wipe the sand from it and revive it again so that your necks are not trampled by the bottom of the occupation and its supporters.

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