Interview with Abbas Zaki (Abu Mishaal)

Meeting with Abbas Zaki

Interview with Abbas Zaki (Abu Mishaal)

Conducted by the Association of University Professors in Palestine
Presenter: D. Asaad Abu Sharkh
Trackback: D. Hossam Adwan (President of the Association)
Date of the meeting: July 2005
Duration of the meeting: 150 minutes

Meeting Topics:

  • The Israeli withdrawal from the Gaza Strip in 2005 is the beginning of the end for Israel.
  • The doctrine of Jewish immigration, The exile of the Gentiles among the Israelis.
  • Fatah’s preparations for the elections.
  • Prospects for Palestinian civil war.
  • The shabby Palestinian situation.
  • Military operations against Israeli settlers and soldiers.
  • Palestinian-Israeli contacts before Oslo.
  • How Abu Ammar’s replacement was chosen while traveling for treatment.
  • The formation of the first Palestinian government from Tunisia.
  • Rationalization of resistance.
  • How to regain its opening position.
  • Fatah was absent from media coverage of the Israeli withdrawal from Gaza.
  • There is no Israeli orientation within Fatah. Same to you.
  • There are signs of Fatah’s decline.
  • Security commanders got priority.
  • We are in the process of community isolation for those benefiting from Israeli facilities.
  • An answer to university professors’ questions and fears

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