Important events in the tenth of Jumada I

It happened on the tenth of Jumada I:

  1. In the year 36 AH, the battle of the camel broke out between Ali bin Abi Talib, may God be pleased with him, and the group that demanded the blood of Othman, may God be pleased with him. Among them are Talha, Zubair and Aisha, may Allah be pleased with them. The battle almost ended with reconciliation more than once had it not been for the intervention of the seditionists more than once, Our mother Aisha was in her hodge on the back of a camel that the warriors used to take refuge in, When Ali saw the large number of dead around the camel, he ordered it to be licked. He carried the Hodge away from the battle.
  2. 458 AH / April 1066 AD Death of Abu Bakr Ahmad ibn al-Husayn al-Bayhaqi One of the imams of hadith and jurisprudence in the fifth century AH, And the owner of the great Sunan known as Sunan al-Bayhaqi.
  3. In 660 AH / April 1262 AD, the death of Al-Izz bin Abd al-Salam, Abu Muhammad Izz al-Din Abd al-Aziz, He was born in Damascus and was called the Sultan of Scholars, the seller of kings and the Sheikh of Islam, He is a Muslim scholar and judge, He excelled in jurisprudence, fundamentals, interpretation and language, and reached the rank of ijtihad, He was famous for his advice to science, He emigrated to Egypt and struggled against the Tatars.
  4. Year 1339 AH / January 1921 AD: The adoption by the National Assembly of Ankara of the Basic Law, which provided for several measures to get rid of the Ottoman Sultan, and the end of the caliphate that has existed for nearly five centuries.
  5. 1366 AH / Execution of the founder of the Republic of Mahabad, Qazi Muhammad, It was a Russian-backed Kurdish republic that lasted only 11 months.
  6. Year 1373 AH / January 1954 AD: The death of Tunisian journalist writer Bachir Fourti, Author of the book “The Islamic World” and “Scandals and Atrocities”.
  7. Year 1385 AH / September 1965 AD: The start of the war between India and Pakistan over India’s takeover of Muslim-majority Kashmir, which lasted 17 days, Pakistan Air has won the battle, which ended with the conclusion of the Tashkent Agreement, whose clauses were in India’s favor.
  8. In 1422 AH / July 2001, Zionist planes assassinated Hamas leaders Jamal Salim and Jamal Mansour in bombing their office in Nablus.
  9. In 1425 AH / June 2004, a Zionist soldier was killed and 5 others were wounded in a qualitative operation by the Qassam Brigades of Hamas. It blew up a Zionist military outpost at the Mills junction through a tunnel leading down the site.
  10. Year 1438 AH / February 2017 AD The Zionist Knesset approves the law on the whitewashing of settlements, With 60 votes in favor and 52 against.
  11. In 1434 AH / March 2013 AD the assassination of the Syrian scientist Mohad Saeed Ramadan Al-Bouti, It is one of the important religious references in the Islamic world, He left more than 60 authors.

Prepared by/ Mr. Mohamed Hamdi Madoukh

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