Fifteenth of Jumada I

It happened on the fifteenth of Jumada I:

* Year 1083 AH / September 1672 AD The Ottomans, led by the Grand Vizier Qabalan Mustafa Pasha, conquer the Polish city of Elpav, Then they sign a treaty with Bologna that stipulated that Poland would pay an annual tax to the Ottomans. and to sever its relations with Ukraine.

* In 1190 AH / July 1776 AD the failure of the Spanish campaign to control Algeria, The Spaniards lost 7,000 dead in this campaign.

* In 1256 AH / July 1840 AD, the major European powers conclude a treaty against Muhammad Ali Pasha’s project to establish a major state to replace the weak Ottoman Empire.

* In 1412 AH / November 1991 AD Egyptian Boutros Boutros Ghali was elected Secretary-General of the United Nations, becoming the first Secretary-General from an Arab country.

* 1417 AH / September 1996 AD The Taliban movement controls the Afghan capital Kabul after the expulsion of President Burhanuddin Rabbani and the execution of former President Muhammad Najibullah.

* In 1420 AH / August 1999 AD, the start of the Second Chechen War between Chechen fighters and Russian forces.

Prepared by/ Mr. Mohamed Hamdi Madoukh

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