Dr. Diary Essam Adwan

Diary of Essam Adwan

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Diary of Essam Adwan

Talk of Egyptian sponsorship of the Gaza Strip and Jordanian sponsorship of the West Bank leaves the Palestinian Authority on the verge of political failure. It calls for turning the tables on every Oslo track that brought us to this nadir nadir.

Palestinian National Fund

A financial institution for all the Palestinian people, not Mahmoud Abbas. The PFLP and all Palestinian factions have the right to receive money from the Palestinian National Fund, if any, at all – whenever they want and in proportion to the struggle of others, and no one should blame these factions by giving them money to carry out their various forms of struggle.

Money is a dangerous weapon.

Its owners use it to achieve their agendas. The diary of Essam Adwan All countries that give other countries, organizations, associations or even individuals any money. It does not give it for the sake of the face of God and the Last Day certainly, Rather, it is to take control of these States and organizations and subject them to their policies, often by suggestion rather than explicit. In the Palestinian case, these donors wish to hold the Palestinian cause together. and direct them according to their policies. These organizations will find themselves compelled to compliment donors and monitor themselves in word and deed for fear that they or even some of their members will anger those donors and stop or reduce support. These are thus practically conditional contributions in the form of theoretically unconditional contributions.

Diary of Essam Adwan

Unfortunately, all Palestinian organizations used to receive grants and financial aid. And maybe in kind as well, From anyone wishing to provide support, Without setting any conditions for receiving such grants. The PLO has received hundreds of millions from Arab states in its long lifespan. It was hostage to the policies of those countries subject to foreign and colonial domination. After the establishment of the Palestinian Authority, the PLO and its authority became dependent on direct American and European aid. It would not make sense or sound for organizations that espouse armed struggle, such as the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, to receive financial allocations from an organization that recognized Israel, peacefully and ended the conflict with it.
All Palestinian factions are aware that they are working against international trends that recognize Israel and are keen to maintain it.

It is therefore illogical for these factions to wait for help from anyone. Those who we believe are friends of the Palestinian people are also blackmailing them into exercising the slightest degree of resistance in a way that does not contradict their own friendship with America or its allies.

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