Al Sharq Center for Research and Culture

It is an Arab center to encourage scientific research and contribute to its publication, It conducts local, regional and international opinion polls, It is interested in the cultures of the Arab region, interactive discussion style, It adopts self-financing through the marketing of some of its publications.
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Supervisor's Message

Dr. Essam Adwan

The launch of the East Center for Research and Culture and its electronic platform represents a scientific and cultural event, And a qualitative addition in the field of scientific research, dissemination of knowledge and affirmation of the identity of the nation and its unique heritage, Deserves to be celebrated, And it requires us to pray to God to guide our path and our way, And to help us and the management of the center to achieve the noble goals and objectives that the center seeks to achieve.
We are hopeful that the Orient Center and its electronic platform will become an additional window for the progress of our Arab region, And pioneers in the field of scientific research and electronic publishing at the Arab level.
God is our hope and He is the guide to the right path

 Who are we

Vision, Mission & Mission

Learn about Al Sharq Center for Research and Culture


One of the best Arab research centers and opinion polls in 2023.


Disseminating knowledge, facilitating access to it, serving intellectuals and researchers, and achieving their aspirations in publishing and documenting their research


Al Sharq Center for Research and Culture, An Arab center for encouraging and disseminating scientific research and opinion polls, and spreading the cultures of the region to bring them together, Adopts methods of scientific research, statistical analysis and interactive discussion, Electronic publishing is adopted to keep pace with the times.

What distinguishes the center

Openness to the cultures of the Arab region.

Scientific and purposeful opinion polls.

Electronic competitions that spread science and knowledge and motivate age groups to research.

Electronic competitions that spread science and knowledge and motivate age groups to research.

The prices of e-books are cheap and unrivaled, Because our purpose is to spread knowledge.

Strings of educational lectures for specialists.

Providing subscriptions to international libraries to obtain the necessary books at the lowest costs.

A distinctive audio library that includes audiobooks, stories, and folk songs.

Center Policies

The Center accredits the documentation of what it publishes by referring it to its source

The Center is interested in appreciating its partners, including researchers and institutions, It is known as them.

The Center works to address topics of interest to the Arab nation and bring them closer together.

The center adopts publishing and electronic in a world that is moving towards the virtual world more.

The Center respects the privacy of participants in the interactive discussion, whether in the Center's forum or by commenting on what it posts.

The Center accepts any books or refereed research to publish them based on scientific criteria alone

The Center believes that just as the East and its civilizations were credited to humanity in its origin, It has a future that will shine on humanity again, The sun always rises from the east.

The Center focuses on its publications and events, It is highly ahead of other publications or events, To be a qualitative addition in its field.

Objectives of the Center

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Encouraging scientific research within the interests of the Center.

Encouraging researchers to publish their research electronically.

Encourage committed literature and art within the geographical area of the Center.

Highlighting Middle East issues, including the Palestinian cause.

Encourage interaction among the peoples of the region on common issues.

Search for the truth from its sources and through opinion polls and documents.