Palestine Liberation Strategy

Palestine Liberation Strategy
By Mr. Khaled Ahmed Abu Nahl
The Palestinian resistance has proven that the way to Jerusalem can only be through popular intifada and armed resistance. Whoever takes other than this path is one of the perishing. And that is a universal year that has no change or transformation, In this brief article, I would like at the outset to emphasize that the state (the Zionist entity) would not have existed and survived without European support. and American protection, The Arab position has shifted from the slogan of “erasing Israel from the map” to proposing to “annex it to the Arab League.”


The features of the (official) Arab coup against the Palestinian cause have appeared in the restrictions on the Palestinians wherever they go and wherever they go. This begins the policy of stabbed in the back of the cause to force the Palestinians to bow and kneel before Israel. The first of these challenges was the signing of the Camp David Accords between Egypt and Tel Aviv in 1979.
Then followed by Madrid Peace Conference in 1991 between Israel and Syria, Lebanon, Jordan and the Palestinian Fatah Movement)The third stab was the Oslo Accords in 1993 between the Fatah Liberation Organization (PLO) and Israel, which was the death certificate of the armed struggle against the occupying power. Even the Israeli intelligence director Shlomo Gazette described it as a “deluxe” or “luxurious” colonialism , and the stabbings did not stop, but rather successively in the entry of Arab countries into the stage of normalization with the enemy, one country after another, In the most shameless series of betrayal against the Palestinian cause, In addition to the expansion of security coordination between the Palestinian Authority and the occupation.


Here, the features of Israel’s strategy in tightening its grip on Palestine are clear through:


1- European support and American cover.


2- Normalization of Arab-Israeli relations.


3- Establishing a Palestinian entity whose function is summarized in:


  • Recognition of the right of the Jews to occupy Palestine.
  • Deceiving Palestinians and taming them to coexist peacefully with the occupiers
  • Cooperating with the occupation security services in suppressing the resistance and putting down the popular uprising in what is known as (security coordination).
  • Work to tear apart the unity of the Palestinians and distract their speech in the face of the occupation.
  • Improving the image of the occupation in the eyes of the world and criminalizing the Palestinian resistance.

Continue with the strategy of liberating Palestine

Thus, it is clear to us that Israel has reached the highest levels of height to the extent that Israel receives support and assistance from the Palestinian who has the cause. To the extent that the Arab depth turns into Israel’s depth.


The failure of this strategy is to: (Unity, setting, confrontation); By unity, we mean intellectual and organic unity and unity of action against occupation for the words of the Almighty: (God loves those who fight for Him in a row as if they were a solid structure) (Grade: 4); We want to prepare for intellectual and spiritual mobilization, training and possession of weapons in accordance with the words of the Almighty: (And prepare for them as much strength and horseback as you can, with which you will intimidate the enemy of Allah, your enemy, and others without whom you do not know, Allah knows them) (Al-Anfal: 60); We want to confront the enemy’s power and capabilities to thwart its expansionist strategy in the Arab world. And to prevent him from settling on the land of Palestine and to drive him out of our land as a werewolf and a spoiled werewolf.


Here, we affirm that the Palestinian people are capable of liberating their land by weakening the enemy and dispersing its forces , and that this will be through open confrontation on all combat fronts (the West Bank, Jerusalem, Gaza and the 48). And in all fields that drain his energy (security, military, political and economic) until we fulfill the promise of the hereafter to enter the Al-Aqsa Mosque, as the Almighty said: ( If the promise of the hereafter comes, let them blacken your faces and enter the mosque as they entered it for the first time, and see what is above them) ( Al-Isra’a: 7)


The bottom line:


The valiant resistance in the Gaza Strip has proven that the road to Jerusalem is through the sword of Jerusalem and not through peace negotiations, and that the Palestinian people are capable of turning the scales and changing equations through the popular intifada that prevails throughout Palestine. Military operations emanating from the West Bank and the Gaza Strip, In preparation for fighting an open war with the entity, in which the promise of the hereafter of victory and empowerment is fulfilled.


(And they say when it is, say that it may be near ) (Al-Isra’a: 51)

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