Online Art Exhibition

Electronic Art Exhibition (A E E)

Service Introduction: 

It is one of the promising and modern electronic services provided by the East Center for Research and Culture exclusively on its electronic platform and is interested in publishing artworks from drawings and other plastic arts.

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Goals and Objectives:

This service aims to spread the culture of electronic exhibitions in order to keep pace with the needs of the world for the gradual transition to the virtual world, especially in light of the great challenges it faces, This service also comes in the context of the general objective of the East Center for Research and Culture, which is to spread cultures and exchange knowledge of peoples, especially arts and painting, which directly documents those cultures and ensures their sustainability throughout the ages.

Service Idea:

A corner is allocated to each participant within an integrated exhibition that includes all exhibitors, and the corner dedicated to the publisher contains his biography, most prominent works and details of these works, Low-quality images of these works are displayed, At the same time, visitors and those interested are allowed to download high-resolution images of products in (4K) for a specified amount. The service also provides the possibility of visitors ordering the original product with the possibility of shipping it to all countries of the world.

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Limitations of subscribing to the service:

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  • Any visual artist or painter from any country in the world can register in the subscription link (click here), provided that the works to be displayed are not less than 10 works.
  • The artist or illustrator should provide the site with high-resolution images of the products he intends to publish and market through the exhibition with a minimum quality of 4K.
  • The publisher must provide an accurate description of the details of the painting, the materials used in the drawing, the size and weight of the painting in order to complete the shipping procedures in the event of ordering the original painting or product.
  • A contract for the electronic publication of these works is drafted with the artist according to the controls (see publishing controls  page).

Advantages of subscribing to the service:

  • The service provides co-artists and painters with their own electronic profile page in which their CVs and most prominent works are published.

  • The possibility of marketing the business and obtaining the subscriber “business owner” a financial return for the sold products up to 70% of the cost announced on the page after deducting shipping expenses and taxes for the works that are requested in their original copy.

  • The subscriber “Business Owner” receives a return on sales of high-quality images of his products up to 50% of their declared cost at the exhibition.

  • The subscriber will not bear any costs for his viewing angle permanently published within the site.

  • The subscriber benefits from publishing his work on all social media platforms and through funded advertisements carried out by the site.

  • Reaching the world by moving business out of the local space to compete in the international space.

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