Biography - Dr. Essam Mohamed Ali Adwan

Dr. Essam Mohamed Ali Abdel Hafeez Adwan

Dr. Issam M.A. Adwan


Professor of Contemporary History and the Palestinian Question


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Personal Status:


A refugee from the village of Berbera, Gaza district, destroyed in 1948

Born in Gaza City on 24/9/1967

Married with seven children

Ph.D. / Historical Studies – Institute of Arab Research and Studies – Cairo – 2004
Master / Modern and Contemporary History – Yarmouk University – Jordan – 1998
Bachelor / History Education – Islamic University of Gaza – 1993

Professional and administrative experience:

  1. Full-time lecturer at Al-Quds Open University since 1998 until now.
  2. Part-time lecturer at the Islamic University of Gaza in 1998-1999, 2008
  3. Part-time lecturer at Al-Aqsa University in 1998-1999.
  4. He received the rank of Associate Professor of History from Al-Quds Open University in March 2012.
  5. In January 2020, he applied for the rank of Professor after fulfilling the required conditions.
  6. Assistant Undersecretary of the Ministry of Refugee Affairs 2006-2007
  7. President of the East Center for Research and Culture
  8. Editor-in-Chief of the Palestinian Historical Journal published by the Palestinian Center for History and Documentation since 2010 until now.
  9. Vice President of the Palestinian Historiography and Documentation Center in Gaza since its establishment in 2008
  10. Head of the Department of Refugee Affairs in the Gaza Strip 2012-2020

Academic and Community Services:

1- He has hundreds of articles published in local newspapers and websites.
2- He taught 18 courses in history and social sciences.
3- He refereed dozens of researches for scientific conferences and local and international journals.
4- Participated in dozens of workshops, seminars and study days, and a number of scientific conferences, He has dozens of lectures in scientific institutions and cultural events.
5- Participated as a trainer in dozens of training courses on the Palestinian cause and the Palestine Liberation Organization
6- Supervised and discussed many master’s theses in history and humanities in local universities.

Published Books:

He produced a lot of refereed scientific research, most of which were published as scientific books as follows:

Research or chapters published in specialized books:

  • Contribution of scientific research in a three-part book supervised by Roaa Center for Studies and Research in Gaza, Entitled: “Aggression on Gaza (Al-Furqan War 2008-2009), 14 researchers participated, And the title of its chapter: “Political and Diplomatic Mobility in the Furqan War”. Issued in July 2010.
  • Research published as a chapter in the book (Aggression on Gaza 2014: Analytical Reading), entitled “Popular Attitudes on the Israeli Aggression on the Gaza Strip in 2014” (pp. 294-339), issued by the Palestine Institute for Strategic Studies in Gaza in June 2015. He holds a deposit number in the Ministry of Culture (249/2015)
  • Research published at the Academy of Refugee Studies – London as a teaching material entitled: “Palestinian refugees in the Gaza Strip, In February 2011
  • Book Presentation: “Hajj Zafer Khalil Shawa 1908-2003”, Published in the magazine “Palestinian Historicity”, Issued by the Palestinian Center for History and Documentation, In the second issue, December 2011 DOI: 10.36981/2043-000-002-004

Courses obtained:

  • Training course in: “Effective Administrative Recruitment” held by the Society for Scientific Research and Studies in cooperation with the Academy of Global Studies, Held in Gaza in the period 24/4 – 15/5/2006 at a rate of 30 training hours.
  • A course in diplomatic qualification held by Ibdaa Foundation in coordination with the Palestinian Ministry of Foreign Affairs for a period of six months with 250 training hours in the period from 16/12/2008-1/8/2009.
  • A course in political psychology held by the Gaza Mental Health Program in partnership with the training program at the Palestinian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, 24 hours in January 2010.
  • Diploma in Refugee Studies – 90 hours, From the Academy of Refugee Studies, Obtained her certificate on 22/8/2012.
  • Course in administrative, financial and educational control – 6 hours, Held by the Department of Continuing Education at the University of the Nation, Under the auspices of the Oversight Committee of the Palestinian Legislative Council, In the period 7-9/1/2014
  • Course in Strategic Thinking Skills – 12 hours, Human Development Center – Ibdaa Foundation for Research, Studies and Training, Gaza, 3-10/03/2015
  • Political Analysis Course – 12 hours, Human Development Center – Ibdaa Foundation, Gaza, 6-18/10/2015
  • Course in the preparation of organizational structures – 6 hours, Institute for Human Development – Ibdaa Foundation, Gaza, 30/03/2017
  • He has trained in dozens of educational sessions in local civil society institutions.