All Palestine Government

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All Palestine Government


NAME book: All Palestine Government

Author Name: Issam M. A. Adwan

International Book Numbering (ISBN):9789950060524ZPfBTNanAAAAAElFTkSuQmCC All Palestine Government

 page size: A5

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         The research dealt with the elimination and factors for the establishment and fall of the All-Palestine Government, which was established in 1948, as a Palestinian official entity, which gained Arab recognition.
The research method has adopted history as an appropriate method for tracing the foundations and factors of the downfall.
The research has two chapters:
The first chapter dealt with the establishment of the All-Palestine Government, its premises, and its factors. It touched upon the Higher Arab Authority that called for the establishment of this entity and dealt with the project of the temporary civil administration in Palestine, whose founding was approved by the League of Arab States, and then dealt in some detail with the establishment of the All-Palestine Government and the reasons and factors that stood behind  Its establishment, the method of its establishment, its administrative organization, and its provisional (constitution) system.
The second chapter dealt with the end of the All-Palestine Government, its premises, and its factors. It dealt with the beginning of the positions of Egypt, Iraq, and Jordan regarding the establishment of the government, then it dealt with the factors of the failure of the government, including Palestinian subjective factors, and Arab factors, the most dangerous of which is the Jordanian factor, it also touched on the factor of Egypt and the Arab League, and ended with international factors such as the role of Britain and the United Nations in thwarting this government.  The conclusion focused on the most important results of the research.



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