The twenty-first of Rajab:

The twenty-first of Rajab:

It happened on this day,,

* Year 1273 AH / March 1857 AD: The Ottoman Empire establishes the Ministry of Education, The most famous person who took over this ministry or glasses was “Ahmed Kemal Pasha” for 12 years, It was followed by the university, graduate schools, museums and public libraries.
* Year 1356 AH / September 1937 AD The assassination of the British governor of the Galilee district in Palestine, Y. Andrews, by a group of supporters of Izz al-Din al-Qassam.
* In 1367 AH / May 1948 AD, the first armistice in the Palestine war, which broke out between a number of Arab countries and the Zionist gangs.
* In 1390 AH / September 1970 AD, Arab presidents flocked to Cairo to hold an emergency summit on the Jordanian-Palestinian civil war, which was known as Black September.
* Year 1407 AH / March 1987 AD: The Chadian army regains control of the “Wadi Dome” region after its victory over the Libyans during the Chadian-Libyan war that erupted in 1973 around the disputed region of “Ouzou” between the two countries.


Prepared by/ Mohamed Hamdi Madoukh

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