Jerusalem between Haniyeh’s warnings and Meshaal’s priorities

Jerusalem between Haniyeh’s warnings and Meshaal’s priorities


By Imad Afaneh


Jerusalem was the key word in igniting the various revolutions and uprisings that Palestine witnessed during the past hundred years. Jerusalem will remain the watchword for the outbreak of the intifada, which will bring the Palestinian cause out of the deterioration that has been thrown into it since the signing of Oslo in 1993.



Jerusalem will be the key word in launching the spark of an Arab-Islamic revolution. And a sweeping spring for this Zionist entity and with it the official Arab regime, which turned out to be the shield protecting the criminal Zionist entity, which is going through worsening internal and external crises, Confusion and divisions will inevitably be the beginning of its demise and disintegration.



Jerusalem is not an issue, but the doctrine of the gathering of the nation, Therefore, the violation of Al-Aqsa Mosque is a very serious matter, The heroism of the people of Jerusalem is the spearhead of the national, even Arab and Islamic battle. and puts everyone before his responsibilities, Therefore, we have seen a torrent of statements and denunciations of the violations against Jerusalem. Hamas and the resistance forces are working to develop them towards a deterrent movement against the enemy and its ambitions, which have reached many Arab capitals.



The battle of Jerusalem put the Arab typographers in their natural situation, A despicable and marginal situation that has no impact or importance in the course of the nation, Because what is happening in Al-Aqsa Mosque has always been the engine of the nation, Our people and the free people of our nation will not ask anyone’s permission to respond to the Zionist aggression, The Palestinian people will triumph even if they remain alone because they defend one of the nation’s most honorable causes.



The Zionist enemy thought that the Palestinians were frustrated with the Palestinian political situation following the end of the election play that Mahmoud Abbas canceled. Their reaction will not reach the point of thwarting attempts to Judaize, annex, swallow Jerusalem and its neighborhoods, and displace and expel its inhabitants. In a second catastrophe in full view of the accomplicit world, In conjunction with the 73rd anniversary of the 1948 Nakba, Therefore, it is wrong to rely on Mahmoud Abbas and the leadership of Ramallah in terms of shouldering their responsibilities. Or complete reconciliation and end the division.



The battle for Jerusalem made it clear to everyone that it is the biggest battle facing the Palestinian people and not the lie of the elections, which were an attempt to divert the compass towards an internal battle instead of a battle with the occupation.


The Jerusalem intifada will represent the first test of the comprehensive resistance strategy adopted by the resistance factions. Our people are betting today on the inflammation of the West Bank and its ignition under the feet of the occupier. In terms of igniting the fuse of the intifada and exploding in the face of the occupation, At the same time, Gaza is ready and motivated to restrain the enemy and deter it from violating our blood and sanctities.



Today’s Jerusalem intifada will also be the first test for the new Hamas leadership. In terms of demonstrating its ability to mobilize everyone to go out in support of Jerusalem, A gift that embodies the overwhelming anger of real action in all arenas.

Follow in Jerusalem between Haniyeh’s warnings and Meshaal’s priorities

A gift that translates the enemy’s bearing the price of his assault on the city of Jerusalem, his desecration of Al-Aqsa Mosque and the assault on worshipers, Through the ability of the resistance to deter it and draw new equations in the conflict with the occupation.


Equations that return the rebels of the West Bank and the occupied interior to ignite the lines of contact and confrontation with the enemy, And crawling to support the Almoravids in Al-Aqsa Mosque, In conjunction with a massive Arab and Islamic trend to support the people of Jerusalem by all means and mobilize energies for the major confrontation with the occupation.
A gift capable of breaking the Arab and Islamic silence on the arrogance of the occupation and its incursion into attacking Al-Aqsa Mosque and the Palestinian people and Judaizing Jerusalem.



A gift that returns the Arab and Islamic world to its natural place in standing up to this occupation and its barbaric practices against the Palestinian people. And the first kiss of Muslims.



Hamas‘ progressive positions on an upward curve show that it has a clear decision not to allow the Judaization of Sheikh Jarrah, the storming of Al-Aqsa Mosque on Ramadan 28, and the of occupation against the Palestinian people. In addition to employing this gift to tear up the remnants of the deal of the century under the feet of the steadfast people of Jerusalem, And the release of the jihadist stockpile that inhabits every Palestinian citizen, To make a difference between two phases, What is before these days is not the same as after it at the Palestinian, Arab and Islamic levels, as Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh asserts.



This gift challenges Hamas to demonstrate its ability to mobilize the masses who chant for resistance in terms of turning it from an emotional uprising into a spark of an uprising that changes the deteriorating reality left by the unpatriotic and abnormal behavior of Mahmoud Abbas’s authority.


Follow in Jerusalem between Haniyeh’s warnings and Meshaal’s priorities

Don’t play with fire, this was a message to Netanyahu, Stressing that this is a battle that cannot be won, Because on the rock of Al-Aqsa Mosque Zionist pride and might will be shattered.


Which proves that we are facing a great battle in which Judaization and control of Jerusalem are taking place. And an attempt to divide the mosque temporally and spatially and change the facts on the ground, And that we are facing an existential struggle over this holy city, Did Netanyahu miscalculate the situation? As he did in 2017 when he set up the electronic gates in which Jerusalemites triumphed with their bond, determination and sacrifices.



Jerusalem is the center of the conflict, And an arena for national partnership; in the battle to defend it, there is everyone, The colors melt, the separations disappear, and the divider gaps fade, And the success of Jerusalemites in the battle of the electronic gates in 2017, It heralds victory today in the battle of Damascus Gate and Sheikh Jarrah.
Jerusalem is not the battle of its people alone, Rather, the battle of the Palestinian people and all their factions, Behind them is an extended Arab and Islamic nation with great capabilities and capabilities for those who best revive and employ it.
Jerusalem proves time and again that the enemy entity is the root of the problem in the region. It will never be part of the solution.


Jerusalem held its elections in its own way. She cast her vote in the boxes of Rabat and Steadfastness, It chose its representatives from the revolutionaries and those who advocated the purity of its thresholds, squares and gates.



It is worth mentioning that the Jerusalem uprising today embodies the first of ten files identified by Hamas leader Khaled Mashaal, Which is the escalation of resistance, Which is hoped to be a wide gateway towards the second file, which is the end of the division, and rehabilitate our Palestinian cause, And to make Jerusalem the center and address of the conflict with the occupation, On the road to breaking the siege on Gaza, and the protection of this resistance fortress on the land of Gaza.


Gaza, which has enough assets to free prisoners, As a prelude to further incursion into the liberation project, The only guarantee for the return of refugees, This requires mobilizing the Palestinian people and enabling them to participate in the practice of resistance and confronting the occupation. And mobilizing the nation and the free people of the world to support and support the Palestinian cause, And to pursue and besiege the Zionist entity in the world, This will increase its chances of success if Hamas succeeds in strengthening and solidifying its internal ranks.

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