From “Islam is the solution” to “Islam is life”

From “Islam is the solution” to “Islam is life”


✍️ By: Ahmed Abu Alomreen


In the midst of great development and progress in the reality of Islamic and advocacy work, And the wide turnout of people and the masses for Islam as a civilized project and a renaissance program. Those who confront the Islamic discourse, both preaching and religious, are required to develop their discourse to the general public to be more convincing, sticky to their reality and more influential in hearts and minds.


The Islamists’ slogan of “Islam is the solution” was a historical and intellectual necessity in the midst of the intellectual struggle with leftist and secular currents that were rudely hostile to the Islamic idea and were popular among large segments of the population.
And now After the massive Islamic awakening, Which translated itself through the election boxes in many Arab and Islamic countries, this slogan has proven successful, Events and revolutions proved that people rallied around him and were convinced of him, Raising this slogan today in our Arab and Islamic societies has become like repeating the work of the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) among the disbelievers of Quraish when he used to say to them (Say, There is no god but Allah, you will succeed) even though we have not heard such a saying in the streets of Medina or among the ranks of Muslims. Of course, because they moved from the stage of the general slogan to the stage of Islamic civilized codification of life and society.


Also continued in the article from “Islam is the solution” to “Islam is life”


Therefore, Islamists today are facing a new stage of Islamic work that forces them to move to the stage of codification and preaching new life under the umbrella of Islam or the Islamic project of civilization and renaissance. The stage of transition from the general slogan to the details of life and its parts and how Islam deals with it, The stage of finding practical and realistic programs for the problems of life and people’s daily concerns, The stage of finding solutions to provide bread and livelihood and achieve justice and equality, the distribution of wealth and the achievement of economic growth, prosperity and well-being of the population, The stage of answering people’s questions about women’s issues, pluralism, respect for the other, the rotation of power, the relationship with the outside, and the interim and strategic goals of the nation, The stage of finding realistic Islamic formulas for dealing with the international community and international organizations by having plans.


alternative plans, It is the stage of competition with other currents that monopolized decision-making, directing the country and determining the destinies of peoples for the past many decades, so it became necessary for the “Islamist” to present people with his partial and detailed programs and ideas for life and not to escape to the loose public slogans that the majority of people are convinced of and agree with us. Even if the Islamists descend to daily problems and partial issues, people will be confronted with the poverty of their experience, the emptiness of their sleeve, or the unreality of their programs and ideas in the face of the outcome of the abundant experience of other currents and their interference with people in their lives, even if it leads to failure.
The general public will then choose the owner of the failed program over those who do not have a program in the first place !!


The issue of finding these partial programs suitable for the reality of our societies in the twenty-first century, including overlap, diversity and openness, is not insurmountable to Islamic thought, which has proven amazing flexibility in dealing with all times and generations, and is the final message of God Almighty for all humanity. Rather, what is required is that this issue be a priority for Islamic thinkers and leaders of Islamic action today. And that preachers, preachers and speakers with the people draw from it and develop their discourse with the people in a way that touches their daily needs and modern concerns and presents the vision of Islam for the management of life and its details, This is after the Islamic idea became the focus of the hopes of the peoples and even their choice to lead them and represent them in many fields and stations.

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